Salvatore PIRCHIO, Atelier Blu Cammello, Livorno (I)

Des lieux pour exister | Trinkhall museum

Opening night: 25.03.2022
Exhibition: 26.03.2022 > 5.03.2023

For its second season, the museum will examine the broad issue of places. This is the opportunity to contemplate this notion in all its dimensions, whether philosophical, historical, anthropological or even sociological.

It will be entirely occupied by the questions that the present aims at us. The collection testifies to this with extraordinary force: in the intimacy of the studio, all over the world and, since long before the Coronavirus crisis, the artists at work have constantly revealed the poetics and the necessity of places. Their unfailing loyalty to the here, their paramount indifference regarding everything that deviates from it and the learned ignorance which they herald, appear today as so many sensitive and vibrant responses to our worries, so many mirrors that show – with such grace and confidence – these reinvented places where, in the dark hours, there are flashes of confidence and hope.

Pedro RIBEIRO, Atelier Sésame, Bxl (B)

Des visages et des lieux | Trinkhall museum

Opening night : 25.03.2022
Exhibition: 26.03 > 11.09.2022

The ground floor of the Trinkhall is dedicated to a monographic exhibition by Pedro Ribeiro, a regular at the Sésame painting workshop.

Pedro Ribeiro’s paintings submerse us into an abyss – paradoxically, on occasion very bright – and lead us to the deepest part of the characters who are dissolving into their places.