À l'œuvre

Opening night: 14.04.2023 at 6 PM
Exhibition: 13.04.2024 > 9.03.2025

Does a work of art really exist? And how? What movements are needed to create it and what model is the basis of its drawing or printing? What existence animates it? Who speaks and who is silent? Where does a work of art begin and where does it end? What relationships does it have with the truth, lies, words, silence, pain and joy? Regret? What do the eyes do whilst viewing a work of art? And the supporting gestures that constantly transform it? What trails does it use to drift away and how does it navigate through them? What distance does it undertake? What relationship does it have with its component materials; the pigments, the inks, the fabric, the paper, the wood, all the added parts? Is it an object, an imprint, a drawing: things and signs, assembled moments? Where does a work of art get lost? Is it a loss, a victory, a defeat? Is it more – or less – than the paths that made it possible?

Modesties d'André Wostijn, au Trinkhall museum

Opening night: 12.04.2024 at 6 PM
Exhibition: 13.04.2024 > 9.03.2025

Modesties are the squares of fine embroidery which formerly adorned the bodices of elegant women – mesh lines and transparent tulle made from silk, cotton, linen; the extreme refinement of the knotted threads, the paths running over the skin, barely audible restraints and saliences suggesting reserved glory and the poetry of being alive.

Without affectation or artifice, André Wostijn (1966-2022) mapped out our wanderings. With smooth strokes and simple composition, his work is uneasy and joyful, restless and mischievous. André Wostijn engraved in a way that you would map out your route. His light or firm furrows represent the trace of our uncertainties, our hesitation or our evident progress, all of our side steps and our journeys – distant, nearby – and our returns.