Serge Delaunay

Un journal intime - Serge Delaunay

Opening night : 17.11.2023 at 6 PM
Exhibition: 18.11.2023 > 22.03.2024


For more than forty years, Serge Delaunay (1956-2021) kept a journal of his emotions, truths, marvels and obsessions. This was made up of thousands of drawings and carefully written pages, plus clay statues, the chronicle of the everyday world as it stands, what it will be, what it would suit him to be and what resonates with the artist at his work desk - words, promises, music, figures, mysterious alignments. The day will definitely come when everything is perfectly laid out. Cars, machinery, motors, rockets, planets, stars and galaxies, worlds meeting and bodies intertwining. One huge machine, extremely refined, inconceivably complex, generating and, finally, fulfilling all desire.


Born in 1956, Serge Delaunay began joining the workshops at the Centre Reine Fabiola in Neufvilles when he was 22 years old. He assembled dynamos, but one of the workshop managers spotted that Serge Delaunay drew all over his workbench. These drawings grabbed his attention to the point that a Fine Arts workshop was set up. Serge Delaunay went there regularly until he passed away in 2021.

The creation of Serge Delaunay’s images is punctuated with current affairs heard on the (non-stop) radio or enthusiastically read from various daily newspapers, primarily, Le Figaro. Specialized magazines also provided the artist with a growing source of rockets, asteroids, planets and other vessels from the future.

Serge Delaunay’s output is spread over forty years and is defined according to two or three dimensions: drawings, mostly in black and white, with matching terra cotta sculptures, - and vice versa; text also plays an important role and denotes the artist’s pleasure in wordplay, inventing the number of missing terms necessary to bring us news of the world.

Essentially, this world is yet to come and, beyond it’s apparent disorder, constitutes a coherent whole. Motor mechanics, spatial exploration and, occasionally, very  intense eroticism are meticulously laid out to compose Serge Delaunay’s universe in the making.

Serge Delaunay’s work has been the feature of many solo or collective exhibitions. Among these, we can name Galerie HerenPlaats (Rotterdam, Netherlands) in 2000, Brussels Parliament in 2005, la Fondation FOLON (La Hulpe, Belgium) for the exhibition “Autre Reg’Art” in 2012, le CNES-Centre National d’Études Spatiales de Paris in 2012, le Musée de la Création Franche (Bègles, France) in 2013 and in 2014, le Festival “Art et Déchirure” (Rouen, France) in 2014 and in 2017, le DiF’Festival, at the Centre Reine Fabiola de Neufvilles (B), for the exhibition “Collectiff” in 2017.

Serge Delaunay’s is represented in several large collections, including the Fine Arts collection (Lausanne, Switzerland), the Création Franche Museum (Bègles, France), “abcd/Art brut – collection Bruno Decharme” and the Trinkhall museum.

s.t., monotype sur papier, s.d.

L'événement d'être là - Des lieux pour exister #2

Opening night: 14.04.2023 at 6 PM
Exhibition: UNTIL 22 MARCH 2024

Until spring 2024, the Trinkhall will continue its reflection on places, with the collection opening up several new paths of meaning and emotion.  Here is what we could possibly say about it: a place has nothing to do with a territory. It is a space that we hold on to. Yet, is it really a space in the usual meaning of the term, or a façade of multiple dimensions which, we do not know how, becomes attached to our eye and sticks to our skin. Something that does not really exist outside of us – but it does! – in other words, that does not exist outside the relationship that we maintain with it, something that we are moving towards which, concurrently is moving towards us in exact symmetry. Or instead, something that sends us back to the condition of our existence, but as if stripped of the painful feeling of being oneself; an existence that, by the organization of places, when decluttered of ourselves, is free and more open. A place is the event of being there. It does not belong to you, me or anybody. We do not possess any places: sometimes they come to us… How lucky!


With works from : Adolpho Avril, Silvano Balbiani, Samuel Cariaux, Anne De Gelas, Pierre De Peet, Fréderic Deschamps, Julien Detiège, Aymeric Dodeigne, Paul Duhem, Johan Geenens, Irène Gérard, Giga, Jean-Marie Heyligen, Josef Hofer, Alexis Lippstreu, Ronny MacKenzie, Alain Meert, Bertha Otoya, Salvatore Pirchio, Maurice Pirenne, Bob Verschueren, Pascale Vincke et Andréa Wellens.