Alain Meert et Patrick Marczewski, Le musée idéal, technique mixte, 290 x 185 x 80 cm , 2019. Atelier : Créahm Liège (BE) ©M.Thies/collection trinkhallmuseum


The Ideal Museum is a piece created throughout 2019 by one of the leading artists of the Créahm workshops, Alain Meert, in preparation for the opening of the Trinkhall. The artist answered our question - What is a museum? - with a galleon in full sail, which casually displays drawings, paintings and sculptures. It is a scene of paper, cardboard, objects, multiple unusual and familiar presences, lodged precisely between states of consciousness. The whole world that fits into a boat: Alain Meert's ark. And it is a museum, just as we want it to be, dreamily navigating among ideas, shapes and emotions. Ship Lieutenant Alain Meert is a pirate. So, let’s all climb aboard with a heave ho!

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La mort du cirque

La mort du cirque

Louis Pons (1927-2021) is a visionary visual artist, designer and assembler who transcended time, meeting artists and poets who visited him in his studio in Sillans-la-Cascade, along the Bresque, and later, in Paris where he settled in 1972. His workshop? An ideal and dreamlike place where he gleaned objects, shredded fragments of worlds from trash cans, dumps, landfill or rural areas and ruins which he then assembled, revived, transformed into extraordinary compositions that, despite everything, express both disaster and the joy of living; the cycle of existence, death, encounters and regeneration. Louis Pons's assemblages are aphorisms written directly on substance, on the prominence and darkness of objects, transfigured by the artist's magical tinkering.

Louis Pons has a friendship with things. It is also through the grace of friendship that "Death of the Circus" (1976) - one of Louis Pons's major works - has just become part of the Trinkhall collection, bequeathed to the Museum by the writer, director, and painter, Antoine Dumayet (1947-2023) - a friend from the outset - who often shared our  dreams on the artistic condition, the expressive power of fragile worlds and the poetics of the gap where each work of art finds its truth.

The death of the circus? The circus that blindly agreed to our downfall? But life, despite everything, and the joy of being here... We wish you all the best for the year 2024.

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