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Un art de vivre - Michel Petiniot at the Trinkhall museum

L'événement d'être là - Des lieux pour exister #2

Alain Meert et Patrick Marczewski, Le musée idéal, technique mixte, 290 x 185 x 80 cm , 2019. Atelier : Créahm Liège (BE) ©M.Thies/collection trinkhallmuseum


The Ideal Museum is a piece created throughout 2019 by one of the leading artists of the Créahm workshops, Alain Meert, in preparation for the opening of the Trinkhall. The artist answered our question - What is a museum? - with a galleon in full sail, which casually displays drawings, paintings and sculptures. It is a scene of paper, cardboard, objects, multiple unusual and familiar presences, lodged precisely between states of consciousness. The whole world that fits into a boat: Alain Meert's ark. And it is a museum, just as we want it to be, dreamily navigating among ideas, shapes and emotions. Ship Lieutenant Alain Meert is a pirate. So, let’s all climb aboard with a heave ho!

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Peau neuve

Peau neuve

From the 15 April, the Trinkhall will undergo a facelift with a large monographic exhibition devoted to Michel Petiniot on the ground floor and, on the first floor, "L'événement d'être là" a brand new variation on the theme "Des lieux pour exister".


We look forward to seeing you there.

The Trinkhall team.

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