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Empreintes & tarlatanes

An engraving workshop at the Trinkhall museum

With great support from the pieces being created in workshops, the Museum is aware of the artistic, social and cultural measures needed to complete them. It celebrates “the expressive power of fragile worlds” and, in doing so, step by step, it questions what we could call the artistic condition, in its every dimension.

With this in mind, the Trinkhall is equipped with an engraving workshop. At the very heart of the Museum, “Empreintes et tarlatans”, is a project to implement an instrument of creation, emulation and mediation which, in every aspect, reinforces the Trinkhall Museum’s policy. Initially, through the artistic quality of its productions; then by enabling an elective link between the Museum and artists already featured or about to be included in the collection; finally, by facilitating encounters between audiences, artists and works.



“Empreintes et tarlatanes” is a polymorphous project.
First of all, this involves, the development of the Trinkhall’s engraving workshop after a first test phase launched in January 2023.
It is then a matter of highlighting some of the workshop’s creations through their heritage and exhibition.
Finally, it is a question of establishing an instrument of mediation which will raise awareness of both creation processes – or the possibilities of art – plus, what we call, at the Trinkhall, the movement of workshops.
As of January 2024, thanks to support from the National Lottery, the Trinkhall Museum has entered the phase of implementation and opening up its workshop to the public.

Why have a workshop at the Museum?
The objective is to support and strengthen the Trinkhall’s museum policy and its artistic, - but equally - social, cultural and political issues.
For more than 50 years, all over the world, creative workshops open to fragile artists (most often, with learning disabilities or mental health issues) have constituted the privileged laboratory where, in all its procedural dimensions, the possibility of art can be experienced. The Trinkhall Museum intends to raise awareness of the importance of this “movement”.
At the crossroads of all figurative techniques, in our eyes, engraving stands out as a privileged way to strengthen the powerful and singular voice of the workshops from the walls of the Museum.

A project supported by the National Lottery

A subsidy from the National Lottery is enabling implementation of the “Empreintes et Tarlatanes” project. Thanks to this grant, the Trinkhall Museum can acquire the equipment necessary for the proper functioning and development of its workshop. True to the values close to its heart, the National Lottery promotes solidarity and equal access to art!



Atelier gravure
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