To ensure the vitality of its scientific and cultural project, the Trinkhall Museum is soliciting remarks and reflections from external contributors on issues relating directly or indirectly to the collection and the Trinkhall Museum’s policy. These contributions are enriching and put the museum’s guiding ideas to the test.


• The Trinkhall Museum’s Scientific And Cultural Project - Carl Havelange
• Squaring the Circle - Carl Havelange
• Henry Darger, Surveyor of Realism. Psychogeographic Sketch - Xavier Mauméjean


• To accompany its launch, the Trinkhall published four small books. They will not serve as a general catalogue of the artworks in the collection: they may be consulted at the museum or taken home, with additional notes in the inventory soon available on the museum’s website. Four small books: they will be four different enthusiastic and attentive perspectives joining forces to explain the meaning of the concept of Situated Arts, its uses, its style, its various digressions, the questions it raises - and the answers it suggests, without ever imposing them. Four small books, written and coordinated by Carl Havelange, Lucienne Strivay, Amandine Servais and Maud Hagelstein: one will be the manifesto of Situated Arts and the museum’s policy that we are implementing; the second will be based around the central theme of the face and  the opening exhibitions; the third will tell the Créahm’s story through the eyes of its founder; the final one will repeat, in its own way, the joy of thinking freely among the museum’s artworks.

VOIR AVEC, Carl HAVELANGE - Le Trinkhall et les arts situés.
PERDRE AVEC, Lucienne STRIVAY - De la première image à l’énigme irrésolue.
ÊTRE AVEC, Luc BOULANGÉ (et Amandine SERVAIS) - Une histoire du Créahm.
FAIRE AVEC, Maud HAGELSTEIN - Palabres au Trinkhall.

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