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& the Trinkhall workshop

One requirement that we promised to honour was that none of our activities would be frivolous, but always closely in tune with the ambitions that motivate us. The entire museum project is based around the concept of being a workshop. All the activities are inspired by the same requirement and carried out according to the same mindset.
This is the same for the Museum Store. The Trinkhall Prints are meticulously produced by us and are directly in line with our central policy of research, mediation and dissemination. Likewise, nothing is put on sale unless reflects the voice of one of our important partnerships.
And guess what? Trinkhall branded backpacks are created at the À l’Est graphic design and screen print workshop offering guidance to vulnerable people aiming for socio-professional reintegration and carefully taking into account the ecological and economic production requirements of the materials used. The Trinkhall, a modern art museum, is a place for gathering and engagement.

Les impressions du Trinkhall - Les éditions du TrinkhallCréahm Région Wallonne - Centre Sésame - À l’Est

Les brèves du Créahm
Les éditions du Trinkhall
A l'Est
Centre Sésame
Tasses Créahm / Café Charles Liégeois
Tasses Créahm / Café Charles Liégeois
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Les impressions du Trinkhall
A l'Est