Our new monographic exhibition
"Un journal intime - Serge Delaunay au Trinkhall Museum"

is on show until 22.03.2024


Friday 15/12: Private event - Closed at 3 PM - last admission at 2.15 PM

Sundays 24 & 31/12: Closed at 4 PM - last admission at 3.15 PM

Alain Meert et Patrick Marczewski, Le musée idéal, technique mixte, 290 x 185 x 80 cm , 2019. Atelier : Créahm Liège (BE) ©M.Thies/collection trinkhallmuseum


The Ideal Museum is a piece created throughout 2019 by one of the leading artists of the Créahm workshops, Alain Meert, in preparation for the opening of the Trinkhall. The artist answered our question - What is a museum? - with a galleon in full sail, which casually displays drawings, paintings and sculptures. It is a scene of paper, cardboard, objects, multiple unusual and familiar presences, lodged precisely between states of consciousness. The whole world that fits into a boat: Alain Meert's ark. And it is a museum, just as we want it to be, dreamily navigating among ideas, shapes and emotions. Ship Lieutenant Alain Meert is a pirate. So, let’s all climb aboard with a heave ho!

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A Piece of Literature

A Piece of Literature

Our new exhibition spotlights not only sculptures and drawings, but also Serge Delaunay’s texts. For over forty years, at his worktop, the artist used calligraphy to write about the world in hundreds, even thousands, of exercise books and pieces of image and text inextricably linked to plastic art. David Murgia has been kind enough to offer his talent in interpreting these texts at the very heart of the exhibition - syntonising words, objects, faces and rhythms: half-dressed literature descending the stairs of our nights.


Over a very long lineage, many of us are multiplied by time, kingdoms, beings, things, stories and countless words that inhabit us and of which we are all commonly, inevitably, unaware - the cauldron of our existence. The litanies of words and phrases put together by Serge Delaunay - each day, over decades - exist as a cloudy path where - always the same but always different - small areas of intensity shine in their millions, thereby driven to their point of incandescence. They cut through us like a knife - not the clue to a difference, an eccentricity, a deficiency or solitude, but rather a common, shared existence and the voice to speak of them.

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