The Trinkhall visual creation workshop gives each of us the possibility to reproduce pieces from the collection in the form of top-quality art prints in line with the highest standards in terms of printing and preservation. We see it as an additional way to take care of the collection and set in motion an open policy in terms of circulation. Naturally, the pieces in the collection are sacrosanct. But, any reproductions of them at this level of requirement will act as privileged agents, in keeping with the intimate network of analogies and emotions, increasingly displaying the expressive power of fragile worlds. More than ever, the Trinkhall Museum is full steam ahead!

We have worked passionately. Now we take great joy in evaluating our enthusiasm and responsibilities. When an image is ready, we sometimes sit with our eyes fixed on the printer as if it is a TV. We press the “print” button and, at first, the machine is silent. And then, it kicks into action: whispering, breathing and sighing to release the pressure. On the screen, we read, “Sleep mode off… please wait.” (Please wait: ah! If only when we wake up, we could apply the same wisdom, the same calm self-assurance or the same discernment!) Soon, the whole machine is brought to life by slight but loud vibrations, shuddering, the clinking sound of adjustments, sliding, buttons, guides and margins. The paper also has its own sound. It unfolds a little, moves down and then moves back up again. It then moves down again and stops in the same position to the exact millimetre. A slightly solemn, silent pause follows, keeping you on tenterhooks. Then gradually, the cartridge starts to operate. It begins its comings and goings and places the pigments on the sheet of paper with unending sensitivity and captivating precision. Each time it passes through, the roller releases the print. The paper is an oracle, slowly revealing its mysteries and enigmas - the poetry of colours, substance, presence and forms.

If you would like to buy a print of a piece from the collection, we now have a full series ready at the Museum. You can also order on line.

We are, of course, available to help you with your choice, for example, according to  your memories of your visit. You can come and collect your print at the Museum. We can also deliver or post it to you at your convenience.

Prices and technical features

Three versions of the prints are available:

Print only:

“Small”:     48 x 33 cm - 40 euros
“Medium”:   60 x 40 cm - 60 euros
“Large”:      80 x 60 cm - 90 euros

Framed print:

“Small”:  65 x 50 cm - 150 euros
“Medium”:    90 x 70 cm - 210 euros
“Large”:    110 x 85 cm - 290 euros

Prints are produced according to the following protocol:

- Epson P7000 professional printer and Ultrachrome HDX inks.

- Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper - 308 gr 100% cotton, free from acid or lignin

- Each print is treated with invisible varnish providing additional protection against UVs, stains and superficial scratches (Hahnemühle Protective Spray).

To give you a sneak preview before we upload the whole collection onto our site, here is a non-exhaustive selection of the pieces you can purchase in print version.

Please feel free to contact us: LES IMPRESSIONS DU TRINKHALL - + 32 4 222 32 95

DUHEM Paul - 2011.033
DUHEM Paul - 2001.037
AVRIL Adolpho - 2009.004
BALBIANI Silvano - 2001.046
BALBIANI Silvano - 2006.034
BERRY Dorothy - 00164
DE PEET Pierre - 2005.099
DEWAELE Christiane - 2015.079
PARENTE Marinella - 2011.012
PARENTE Marinella - 2011.011
PETINIOT Michel - 2018.0579
VINCKE Pascale - 1992.038
VINCKE Pascale - 1997.002
WELLENS Andrea - 00301
OTOYA Bertha - 2016.074
DE PEET Pierre - 4-2021
Mc PHERSON Doreen - 2012.011
SMITH Michael - 2014.041
JOHANSSON - 2013.078
s.t., pointe bic sur papier, 2012
STERCKX Daniel - 1992.035
ANDOUCHE Inès - 2000.001
ANDOUCHE Inès 2000.002
DE PEET Pierre - 2-2021
DE PEET Pierre - 3-2021
DE PEET Pierre - 5-2021
DE PEET Pierre - 8-2021
DE PEET Pierre - 1-2021
DE PEET Pierre - 4-2021
DE ZAETIJDT Robert - 114
GOOSSENS Roland - 2011.149
DE PEET Pierre - 7-2021
PETINIOT Michel - 2021-1
Elmar Schafer - Atelier : Créahm Fribourg (CH)
s.t., feutre sur papier, entre 1997 et 2004
GOOSSENS Roland - 2011.150
s.t., acrylique sur papier, 2006
OOST Jean-Jacques 2010.051
s.t., crayon gris et pastel gras, 1995
CICCONE Valerio - 1992.005
DUHEM Paul - 2001.035
CATTEBEKE Christine - 2007.094
PIETKIN Dimitri - 2008.102
HANOCQ Patrick - 2008-026
HANOCQ Patrick - 2005.102
MEERT Alain - 1
MEERT Alain - 2
MEERT Alain - 4
MEERT Alain - 5
PETINIOT Michel - 1
OTOYA Bertha - 2016.076
COSIJNS Sylvain - 2011.103