We have decided to extend the “Faces/Borders” exhibition until next February, so that anyone who has been unable to visit due to sanitary restrictions has the opportunity to see it. Furthermore, we will be holding two new exhibitions from 24 September: Pascal Tassini and Pierre De Peet.

Alain Meert et Patrick Marczewski, Le musée idéal, technique mixte, 290 x 185 x 80 cm , 2019. Atelier : Créahm Liège (BE) ©M.Thies/collection trinkhallmuseum


The Ideal Museum is a piece created throughout 2019 by one of the leading artists of the Créahm workshops, Alain Meert, in preparation for the opening of the Trinkhall. The artist answered our question - What is a museum? - with a galleon in full sail, which casually displays drawings, paintings and sculptures. It is a scene of paper, cardboard, objects, multiple unusual and familiar presences, lodged precisely between states of consciousness. The whole world that fits into a boat: Alain Meert's ark. And it is a museum, just as we want it to be, dreamily navigating among ideas, shapes and emotions. Ship Lieutenant Alain Meert is a pirate. So, let’s all climb aboard with a heave ho!

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V comme visages, V comme Vandycke - At La Boverie

V comme visages, V comme Vandycke - At La Boverie

The,“V comme visages, V comme Vandycke” exhibition will be on show at the Boverie Museum until 21 November. It is part of the programme for the Trinkhall’s first season, with multiple faces and bodies that set us in motion beyond all barriers. Accompanying artist, Vandycke, shows us and makes us feel the essence of our lives.


“Twenty years after his death, the “V comme visages, V comme Vandycke” exhibition is the first sizeable monograph dedicated to the artist, both as a painter and a poet, as it is accompanied by a book of his poems reissued by Taillis Pré. With it, comes another paradox: overall, we will not remember Vandycke for his portraits. Needless to say, what about his encounters and companions! Just take a look at Bobo, the grandma, candidly looking ahead, tight-lipped with determination, arms crossed and hands aged from doing laundry, the garden and housework. Look at the children’s faces, mostly shown head-on, pale and preoccupied with their dreams. Vandycke did well to hold back from putting them together: they could have been appealing to the point of misunderstanding! Portraits of friends, portraits of women,  even in their sleep – including nudes, of course – this is how they reveal their inner thoughts. Nudes acting as the landscape.

Faces are restrained bodies. Countless faces caught on drifting leaves on a café terrace, at a market, during chance meetings in the voracious and constant movement of drawing everything close at hand. In truth, self-portraits, always on the lookout for transformations. The more mystic faces of creatures that are so secretly similar; so comparable but so individual. Horrible faces that we devour, divided faces with multiple eyes, faces eaten away by death, open mouths that only serve as the outline of a hole! Everything is screaming in an earless place. Interior bodies that fully resonate in and outside the workshop, a speechless memory and living beings carrying us away.” (Lucienne Strivay, exhibition commissioner).

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